The solar and hybrid lamps presented in our assortment are the inexpensive, effective and environment friendly external lighting. They can be used immediately and enjoy that they are maintenance-free.

When the night falls, an automatic system turns on the lamps ensuring a proper lighting for the area. The properly selected parameters ensure the autonomy of the operation up to 24 hours, depending on the location, the season and the atmospheric conditions. Each of the presented products is easy to assemble, and its starting does not require it to be connected to electricity via unnecessary cables and installation permits. 

The applied technological solutions guaranty a high efficiency, durability and resistance of those elements to the atmospheric factors. Furthermore, the offered devices do not obtain the energy from the electricity network thanks to which you can save money.


The Rimini Lamps offer a modern design at a low cost with easy installation. Their features can be controlled with the remote control that comes included with the lamp. Their durable and weather-resistant design makes them the ideal solution for private properties, parks, and parking lots.

Technical Specs:

  • Life Expectancy- up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Power of PV modules 2 x 25 Wp
  • Light bulb - 2 x 8 W or 2 x 12 W
  • Batteries - 20 Ah / 3,2 V or 10 Ah / 9.6 V
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Angular adjustment of the light source
  • Color temperature - 6500 K
  • Safe 24V technology



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