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Our products are characterized by the highest quality confirmed by the longest warranty periods available in the market.
Photovoltaic power plants
This technology of the future is a solution introducing the production of the photovoltaic modules which are characterized by high efficiency and the increased product life.
Longer product life
  • Stay Powerful Technology
  • Fully waterproof encapsulant
  • Sea water and ammonia resistant
  • High quality electrical components
  • Increased strength and durability of the cells
  • The system prevents the penetration of moisture into the module
  • The optimal protection in the offshore regions and the raw environment conditions
  • The temperature efficiency factor is the leader in the industry
Higher power
  • The cells are connected through the energy efficient multi-contact connectors
  • The coper wires are covered with custom alloy with unusually low melting point
  • The thick Busbars as well as the ineffective high temperature soldering process has been eliminated
  • The wires are placed in the polymer foil with one external electrode along the cell
  • The layers are vacuum laminated in low temperature
  • An effective transport of electrons with high rate = contact with less resistance and effect of heat release
  • High efficiency in low light conditions
  • In the result of the independent cooling of the PV cell, the device operates in the lower temperature and is therefore more effective
Intelligent technology
  • More flexibility of the module through the method of connecting the cell
  • Up to nine independent shade zones
  • If a cell or string is shaded, the energy is then transferred with decreased loses, and the module allows for the continuation of the work
  • A perfect application dedicated to the residential and commercial installations
  • All-day protection preventing any reduction in the efficiency caused by the shade and the specially designed protection against snow and pollution
  • Up to 10% more electricity throughout the entire life of the product
  • Resistant to micro perforations
Solar and hybrid lamps
The solar and hybrid lamps presented in our assortment are the inexpensive, effective and environment friendly external lighting. They can be used immediately and enjoy its maintenance-free utilization.
When the night falls, an automatic system turns on the lamps ensuring a proper lighting for the area. The properly selected parameters ensure the autonomy of the operation up to 24 hours, depending on the location, the season and the atmospheric conditions. Each of the presented products is easy to assemble, and its starting does not require it to be connected to electricity via unnecessary cables and installation permits.
The applied technological solutions guaranty a high efficiency, durability and resistance of those elements to the atmospheric factors. Furthermore, the offered devices do not obtain the energy from the electricity network thanks to which you can save money.
Why solar lamps
The recommended devices offer many benefits. The following features distinguish them among the traditional forms of lighting:
  • Functionality,
  • Low cost,
  • The lamp starts working on the first night after installation,
  • The assembly does not require any construction permit,
  • Fast and simple installation,
  • Quality guaranteed,
The application of the solar and hybrid lamps
The recommended by us lamps, which are powered by the solar or wind energy, offer a wide variety of uses. They can be installed wherever the low-cost and long-lasting lighting is needed. It is recommended to install them inter alia at:
  • Pedestrian crossings,
  • Bus stations,
  • Intersections,
  • Parks,
  • Gardens,
  • Industrial areas,
  • Parking lots,
  • Private possessions
  • and many others.
The water heating system
Our systems can be used as the regular electric water heaters. They work based on two separate electric circuits. One of them is connected to the standard mains outlet ( ̴ 230V), and the other, to the electricity (direct current) generated by the photovoltaic modules. Both circuits can work simultaneously or separately. Thanks to connecting the system to the standard mains outlet, water is heated even during bad weather.
The most important features of our product are:
  • High efficiency – the collector collects the energy even in freezing temperatures;
  • Absorption of scattered radiation – increased efficiency with clouded sky;
  • Reduced dependency of the efficiency on the location of the sun;
  • Resistance to mechanical damages (hail) and the changing atmospheric conditions thanks to the application of tempered glass. The advantage of such system is lack of any troublesome hydraulic devices, such as pipes, connectors, expansion vessels, solar collectors.
Backup power system
The backup power system is an ideal solution for the devices, such as the solar collectors, the gas chambers, boilers, etc., which does not require any connection to the energy network (off-grid system).
The system is powered by the high efficiency photovoltaic module and ensures a conctinuity of the operation of the receiving device thanks to the battery collecting the energy generated by the photovoltaic module. In case of lack of such power supply (e.g. at night), the system will automatically switch to the acquisition of electricity from the electricity network.
Free electricity in 3 steps
How to become the owner of the solar power plant?
1. Free consultation
2. Documentation and designs
3. Own power plant

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