Introduce the Province into the XXI Century
Joint the cities, the administrative districts and the agencies across Poland which communities have been equipped with the free and clean energy.
Why it is worth investing in the solar lamps and the photovoltaic power plants?
  • The growing electricity costs (in Poland: 0,29PLN kWh in the year 2000 → 0,90PLN kWh in the year 2015 – the dynamics is over 210%!). year after year, we are harassed with the constant raises of energy costs, and each additional device only increases its acquisition. The FreeVolt™ lamps are not even connected to the network, thanks to which utilizing them is entirely free and, even more so, friendly for the natural environment. The photovoltaic power plants, on the other hand, can fully provide the needed energy or sell the surplus to the network.
  • The national and the Union legislation (increasing the share in utilizing the renewable energy). The trend to be “ecological” is not, without a doubt, just another “whim”. By overly using up the electricity, we cause the pollution in the environment as well as the exhaustion of the natural resources. Soon, utilizing this type of solutions will become a necessity.
  • Independence from the energy supplier dictatorship
  • The ideal solution for illuminating the public places which are far from the energy infrastructure.
Our culture
Currently, we are the biggest sales and service network in Poland. FreeVolt™ is a team of intelligent and creative people. We believe that our business model is sustainable, and the people engaged in the project care about the development of the company. We do not send any subcontractors to our clients. Each person working with a project is a trained employee of the sales and service network. We are not anonymous, as certain companies are. We are far greater than that. Give us a chance.
Our comprehensive approach
FreeVolt™ is a vertically integrated enterprise which concentrates only on one goal – saving energy.
We possess a fully qualified workforce with certificates needed to implement all types of works related to the tenders from the RES sector. The employees systematically partake in the brand trainings which take place in Poland as well as abroad.
FreeVolt™ is the biggest sales and service network which is confirmed by our certificates and awards.
Our factory is located in the area of the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park at Paciorkiewicza 3.
This technology of the future is a solution introducing the production of the photovoltaic modules which are characterized by a high efficiency and an increased product life. The FreeVolt™ modules are products which answer the expectations of the photovoltaic industry.
The professional customer service is a priority to us. It begins with the first meeting at your home and/or business, and it lasts until the photovoltaic modules are mounted on your house and/or business. Following up with customer service and monitoring of the performace of the PV system for years to come. This is not just plain talking. This is what some of our clients have said about us:
  • The scope of the works included the delivery, the assembly and the launching of the photovoltaic rooftop 26.5 kWp installation.
  • The implementation period: May 19, 2015 – June 3, 2015.
“I recommend the FreeVolt™ Sp. z o. o. as a reliable company and fully prepared for a comprehensive implementation of the assembly and construction works of the photovoltaic installations.
The experienced personnel as well as the technical and organizational potential guarantee a high quality of the implemented services.
The entrusted works were performed with due diligence, according to the construction rules and with full professionalism.
The FreeVolt™ company has proved to be a reliable partner guaranteeing a professionally implementation of the entrusted task, and thanks to that, it deserves to be recommended to other investors”
The Mayor of the Municipality, Jan Zbigniew Basa
  • The scope of the works included the delivery and the assembly of 31 solar lamps.
  • The implementation period: April 8,2015 – April 14, 2015.
“The works have been implemented in a timely manner and with due diligence and in accordance with the material scope of the agreement. The cooperation was smooth and flawless. We recommend the FreeVolt™ company as the performer of the works within the renewable energy sources, including constructing the external solar illumination.” The Mayor of the Municipality, Jerzy Pernal
  • The scope of works included the supply and installation of 25 lights hybrid.
  • The implementation period: February 10, 2015 – December 3, 2015
"The quality of work does not raise any objections, and the excellent organization of work deserves recognition. Work carried out on time. We recommend the FreeVolt Sp. z o. o., ul. Wł. Paciorkiewicza 3, 85 – 862 Bydgoszcz, as a reliable contractor.”
The Mayor of the Municipality, Iwona Warkocka
  • The scope of works included the delivery and installation of 41 solar lamps.
  • Implementation period: May 26, 2015 to June 22, 2015
"I recommend the FreeVolt Sp. o. o. as a solid and reliable company, fully prepared to perform complex tasks of assembly and construction.
Experienced staff, the technical and organizational potential guarantee a high level of service. Assigned work has been done with due diligence, compliant with the construction rules, with full professionalism and within the prescribed period. The company FreeVolt Sp. o. o. has proved to be a reliable partner that guarantees a professional execution of the task, thus deserves to be recommended to other investors."
The Deputy Mayor, Waldemar Wawrzyniak

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