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the Franchise

The Franchise is a sales system that is based on a close and ongoing collaboration between legally and financially separate and independent companies: the franchisor and its individual franchisees. The Franchise also assumes the flow of know-how from the franchisor to the franchisee for the whole duration of the franchise agreement. The essence is to assign the rights (and adoption of duties) by entering into the franchise agreement.

Support for franchisees in the framework of accession to the network of FreeVolt

  1. The preparation of the project of a store and the adaptation of the premises to the extent and under the conditions agreed upon in the partnership agreement.
  2. Logistics service providing execution of orders.
  3. Assistant manager of regional sales network.
  4. Support in the form of marketing and advertising materials available for use within the network.
  5. A proven business model that guarantees the achievement of good financial results depending on the involvement of Partner.
  6. The use of the name, logo and brand of FreeVolt ™, the exposition and advertising materials associated with the product of FreeVolt ™.
  7. Comprehensive assistance in starting their own FreeVolt ™ Authorized Sales Point guarantees success in sales.
  8. The training system that guarantees the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in the conduct of the Authorized Sales Point, including - the principles of cooperation, product knowledge and sales skills and techniques of installation and maintenance of PV installations.
  9. Access to the expertise developed by an extensive experience in the field of Renewable Energy.
  10. The ability to use the well-known brand.
  11. Access to unique know-how.
  12. The territorial security, the exclusivity in running the point of sale on the basis of a specific region.
  13. Access to the factory modules 3rd generation of FreeVolt ™.
  14. Access to a dedicated design software and cost estimation by offering the engineering and design support of each subordinate point.
  15. Commissions from sales at a higher level than in other industries.
  16. Stability actions - conclusion of a long-term franchise agreement (for 5 years with the possibility of extension).
  17. Full participation in advertising campaigns and occasional marketing campaigns.
  18. Supporting advertising campaigns organized by the franchisees in the local markets.
  19. The guidelines supporting the use of the social media (e.g. Facebook).
  20. The integrated information system through a web site.

Basic network requirements

  1. Office space with a minimum size of 50m2.
  2. Warehouse premises with a minimum surface area of ​​100m2.
  3. The preferred location of the premises in the areas of construction, horticultural and household companies.
  4. The readiness for employing at least 3 people.
  5. Experience in the industry.
  6. Experience in working with the client (e.g. Trade, insurance, etc.).
  7. Creativity and a strong personal commitment to your business.
  8. Energy and pragmatism
  9. Having the financial means to start up a business according to the rules set by the FreeVolt™

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