Save money and the environment
The FreeVolt™ photovoltaic power plants are quantifiable benefits as well as an investment for a better future.
Financial benefits
The PV FreeVolt™ solar systems guarantee a return on investment within the next ten years, and the product life is as long as 35 years with the 30 year warranty. The solar energy can be perceived as a solid financial investment, and the return on the invested money can be multiple.
The value of the property
The appraisers start to follow this rule: every 1 USD invested in the renewable energy increases the value of the house even by 20 USD. The value of the house with the investment of about 10 000 USD increases by about 200 000 USD.
Energy independent
The solar system decreases the level of the dependency on oil, coal, power plants and the foreign non-renewable resources.
The environment
Each kilowatt generated from the solar system means one kilowatt less produced from coal or oil (and a few USD less or the presidents of the fossil fuel).
Today, the solar installation prevents the future energy prices from raising by 30%. The energy regulatory office forecasts that the energy price in our country will increase by 100% by the year 2020.
The solar systems used in heating water have been used since 1900, and they have not changed much since that time. The PV system does not have any moving components; therefore, its parts do not wear off. Furthermore, both systems allow the house owners to use the renewable energy without the necessity of changing the life style.
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