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Why Renewable Energy Sources?

Free Energy for Years

The energy costs have a tendency to increase year after year. The demand for electricity caused by the increasing automation of devised also keeps increasing. Take care of your finances and start your own solar power plant today.

Great forms of financing

Thanks to our consultants, you will learn about easy ways to obtain the subsidy or installment financing for your installation.

Advantageous forms of financing
The home solar power plants of FreeVolt™ now cost less than the power plants utilizing the traditional technology. The many years of savings together with FreeVolt™ can start thanks to the attractive financing options which are ideal for any pocket.
Easy analysis of profits
Easy access to the analysis of the gains of your installation. Check it on your computer or any mobile devices as much as you want.
The technology of tomorrow
This technology of the future is a solution introducing the production of the photovoltaic modules which are characterized by high efficiency and an increased product life. The FreeVolt™ modules are the products which answer the expectations of the photovoltaic industry.
Your satisfaction is most important to us.
The professional customer service is a priority to us. It begins with the first meeting at your home and/or business, and it lasts until the photovoltaic modules are mounted on your house and/or business. Following up with customer service and monitoring of the performace of the PV system for years to come. This is not just plain talking. This is what some of our clients have said about us:
Krzysztof Adamczyk
I had thought about investing in the photovoltaics for a long time. After a thorough analysis of the market, I decided to call the FreeVolt™ company where one of the employees explained to me the functioning of the installation as well as he allayed all of my doubts. After signing a contract, the following stages unfolded quickly. I was positively surprised when I found out that the company took care of all of the formalities related to the connection of the installation to the network and had assembled the installation on my roof, and after just a while, I could enjoy the free electricity. The installation has been operating for me for over 2 years from the first start-up and there are no problems with it. Today, I think about my decision regarding the installation of the photovoltaic power plant as a necessity, and due to the increasing demand for electricity, its increasing price, and the frequent problems with its supply, I think that everyone should try to take that step and secure the future of energy. I recommend everyone the FreeVolt™ company, as I am recommending it to you now.
Free electricity in 3 steps
How to become the owner of the solar power plant?
1. Free consultation
2. Documentation and designs
3. Own power plant
Take advantage of the free appraisal
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What is your monthly electricity bill?
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