Elegant, durable and with high power. Such are our home solar power plants. They are available now in the most attractive prices and methods of financing so you can start saving right away.
Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems – also known as solar panel systems, solar energy systems, or solar power systems – convert sunlight into electricity. You can use the electricity generated by your solar PV system to power your home, your business or even your car.

Solar panel systems are a great way for you to save money, no matter what your budget is. If you can afford to pay your electricity bill every month, you can afford to install a solar panel system. With a $0-down solar loan, you can finance your system and see immediate savings along with incredible tax benefits.
      How Solar Works
      1. Sunlight hits PV modules and converts it to Direct Current (DC) electricity.

      2. The inverter converts DC power into Alternate Current (AC) electricity.

      3. The electrical panel sends the power to your home for your lights and all your appliances.

      4. The utility meter sends the excess power to the grid and tracks all the energy you draw and feed to the grid.
      What is Net Metering?
      Net metering is a program put in place by the utility company to allow home owners to go solar while still be connected to the grid. Simply put, they track the energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equaling net energy. They will deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when your generation exceeds the demand at your home or business. If your generation exceeds your consumption for the year, you can earn a surplus credit. This program allows you to take advantage of all the solar benefits while still being connected to the grid for times when the sun is not shining.
      Earn Clean Energy Credits and help your Community
      When your solar system is producing excess electricity it gets sent to the grid and you accumulate a credit, in certain jurisdictions. This is why Net Metering is beneficial, you can use those credits to offset your future consumption, like the electricity you use at night. You can also use those credits when your electricity demand is high and your consuming more than your system is producing. This is very common in the summer in California, the clean energy credits will help when your cranking the AC and trying to beat the heat. If you generate more electricity than you are consuming, it feeds back into the grid and is distributed elsewhere. This means your solar system could be producing power for a school, hospital, church, or even your nextdoor neighbor.

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