The roof installation
Save on energy and invest in the development of your business.
The solar power plant
The FreeVOlt™ solar power plant is the best method to save money by the Client. Thanks to the relatively small financial investment each building owner can provide him/herself with the fully ecologic energy. We use only the best components to build the FreeVolt™ power plants. The offered components have certificates of the renowned certifying units, such as TUV Rheinland, and the production process itself is certified according to the ISO 9001 standards.
  • Highest quality Polish product
  • Made with the newest available technologies
  • 19.8% efficient modules
  • Certification IEC 61215 & IEC 21730 from TUV Rheinland
  • The production process is certified according to the ISO standards
  • 30 years warranty on the produced electric power
  • 12 years warranty on the module
The inverters are characterized by the particularly simple, yet well thought out assembly. The installation of an inverter is performed in a separate assembly of the section with the power modules and the DC/AC connection section. Both sections are connected by the so called Power-Plug which makes the whole operation significantly easy.

The inverter has:
  • An integrated energy management transmitter
  • An integrated data recorder (DATALOGGER)
  • A simple connection to the internet (Wi-Fi, LAN)
  • The most promising in its class
  • Ideal for generating electricity for own use as well as for selling the energy surplus
The assembly systems for the installation of the PV modules on roofs
The offered mounting systems are designated for the flat and oblique roof surfaces as the full series of double profiles with the grooves providing the support for the construction. The most economical version of the system is individually selected for each assembly. There is also a wide variety of the mounting components available.

Each surface must be analyzed with the help of the particular parameters (height of the roof, wind load, snow load) for the purpose of selecting the economical profiles and the most proper connections of the substructure together with determining the directions of the power supply in the places of applying weight for connecting the structure. this helps select the optimal transfer of weight even with large distances.
FreeVolt™ is the biggest sales and service network which is confirmed by our certificates and awards.
We also offer a few financing options and indicate possibilities to take advantage of the tax relief before any investment is made.
Implementation map
Case study
Algund, Włochy
Implementation deadline
Autumn 2008
Tyrol, the northern region of Italy close to the German border, is known for 3 things: apples, wine and tourists. This is where the photovoltaic modules of our technology have been installed on the roof of a great fruit company.
Almost 1MW roof installation provides the building with a clean energy for the cooler, the warehouse and the distribution center.
Mexico City, Meksyk
Implementation deadline
October 2008
Energy supplies in Mexico can be difficult and expensive. Due to that fact, the international cosmetics tycoon needed an alternative and independent energy source for loading forklift trucks in their warehouse in Mexico City. Due to the increased efficiency and the quality of implementing this task, our technology photovoltaic modules had been selected.
After finishing that work, this project was the biggest in the entire country. The results of it had exceeded all expectations and proved the solar energy potential to be the economical energy source for Mexico.
Portland, USA
860 kW
Implementation deadline
November 2008
Portland Habilitation Center Northwest is the group which is concentrated on education, trainings and rehabilitation of persons with physical and psychological disabilities. As a non-for-profit organization, it seeks savings everywhere which were spotted in the energy costs thanks to the photovoltaic power plant installation on the new 33,500m2 roof.
At the time of finishing the implementation in the fall of 2008, the project was the biggest photovoltaic system installed in the North-West Coast of the United States of America.
Ringgenbach, Niemcy
1.08 MW
Implementation deadline
October 2007
In Germany, over 6200 modules of our technology have been installed within the area of an old wasteland in Ringgenbach. The installation currently supplies energy to 300 houses in Sigmaringen, and it constantly generates 16% more energy than it was foreseen.
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