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Our culture
Currently, we are the biggest sales and service network in Poland. FreeVolt™ is a team of intelligent and creative people. We believe that our business model is sustainable, and the people engaged in the project care about the development of the company. We do not send any subcontractors to our clients. Each person working with a project is a trained employee of the sales and service network. We are not anonymous, as certain companies are. We are far greater than that. Give us a chance.
Our comprehensive approach
FreeVolt™ is a vertically integrated enterprise which concentrates only on one goal – saving energy.
One person is responsible for the contact place at each phase of the solar installation; beginning with the first time when visiting your home or business place. All questions regarding the planning of the assembly, registration or maintenance are monitored by that coordinator.
FreeVolt™ is the biggest sales and service network which is confirmed by our certificates and awards.
We also offer a few financing options and indicate possibilities to take advantage of the tax relief before any investment is made.
Manufacturing facilities
Our factory is located in the area of the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park at Paciorkiewicza 3.
This technology of the future is a solution introducing the production of the photovoltaic modules which are characterized by a high efficiency and an increased product life. The FreeVolt™ modules are products which answer the expectations of the photovoltaic industry.
The professional customer service is a priority to us. It begins with the first meeting at your home and/or business, and it lasts until the photovoltaic modules are mounted on your house and/or business. Following up with customer service and monitoring of the performace of the PV system for years to come. This is not just plain talking. This is what some of our clients have said about us:
P.P.U.H. Instal-Rogra Cieszyn
We have obtained the 3kW photovoltaic installation just recently. Thanks to that decision, we are now enjoying the free electricity which significantly affected the company’s expenses. The money saved in the future will allow for further investments and the development of the company. We highly recommend investing in the FreeVolt™ solar power plants.
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