Elegant, durable and with high power. Such are our home solar power plants. They are available now in the most attractive prices and methods of financing so you can start saving right away.
      1. Free consultation
      An expert in the field of the FreeVolt™ products and services will create a project with a detailed offer for an order of the solar power plant, including the estimate of the future savings and the possibilities of financing the installation.
      2. Projects
      Creating the projects needed for acquiring the conditions for the connection to the local energy plant. The application, besides the general information, requires a specification of the parameters of the power plant and the necessary annexes which will allow for the verification of the parameters of the applied devices; particularly the generating units, such as the photovoltaic panels and the inverters.
      3. The conditions of the building, connection and the construction permit
      The acquisition of the building conditions and the construction permit. The bases for obtaining the connection conditions is the location. It has to provide the possibility for connecting the indicated size of an installation to the network. The connection conditions are issued by the distributor within 150 days after submitting an application together with the network connection agreement draft and are valid for two years.
      4. Signing the connection agreement
      The applicant has two years to sing the connection agreement after receiving the connection conditions. The network connection agreement, signed by both parties, is the basis for the commencement of the project and the construction and assembly works related to the implementation of the connection of the facility to the network.
      5. Assembly of the installation
      This phase includes: building the foundations, the assembly of the tables, the assembly and he connection of the modules and the invertors.
      6. Obtaining the license
      Once we acquire the legal title to the grounds and the connection conditions, we apply for the license to generate energy from a renewable source which is issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office .
      7. Own energy plant
      After finishing the installation, the connection to the network and the verification, now is the time to profit from the FreeVolt™ solar energy!
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