Elegant, durable and with high power. Such are our home solar power plants. They are available now in the most attractive prices.
Go Green to Save some Green
No one likes high electricity bills and with solar you have the opportunity to make a smart decision for your business by lowering your overhead and increasing your bottom line. When it comes to commercial solar, there added benefits such as depreciation that makes solar a no brainer if you own your building.
30% Federal Tax Credit
The Federal Tax Credit for solar at the moment is 30% which can be put back into your loan or used for other business expenses. However, this credit cannot be claimed by non-profits or any institution that does not pay taxes. The credit is a huge help to go solar, but it is on track to go away so there has never been a better time to pull the trigger and go solar.
The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) was established in 1986 and is the most common methods of depreciation in solar. This depreciation method allows certain tangible property business investments to be recovered for tax purposes over a specific amount of time through annual deductions. Most qualifying solar energy equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period over 5 years.
No Obligation
Our quotes are always free, if you decide solar isn’t right for your business, no pressure. But if you want to change with the nation and grow, solar is the right step for you. More and more businesses are going green. Take the first step in the right direction, by saving money, and saving on your taxes with FreeVolt.
Lead By Example
We all need to do our part to create a cleaner world, and your business can be at the helm of that change. Many business giants such as Target, Walmart, Apple, and Google have made great efforts utilizing renewable energy which not only resulted in environmental benefits but aided in reinforcing their positive image for their business.

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